71 (63)
Tennent’s Super
£30m Growth: -5.6%

Success in the super-strength lager category comes down to distribution - and this AB InBev brand continues to lag behind closest rival Carlsberg Special Brew, with the gap between the two widening.

72 (NEW)
: £29.3m Growth: n/a

Asda’s exclusive Italian wine label has stolen into the top 100 with the minimum of fuss, assisted by an accessible varietal range, a sub-£5 price tag and inclusion in a post-Christmas three-for-£10 deal.

73 (92)
Crabbie’s Ginger beer
: £29m Growth: +26.9%

Since its launch three years ago, Halewood International’s alcoholic ginger beer has enjoyed a meteoric rise - and last year was no different.

In 2011, Halewood gave the brand its biggest marketing push to date, through a strategic campaign that encompassed national TV sponsorship, social media and press advertising. It also ran a major sampling drive, taking retro-style vehicles to pubs, bars, restaurants, supermarkets and festivals to raise awareness.

A third key strand of Halewood’s strategy was NPD, with a number of Crabbie’s brand extensions hitting the market. Crabbie’s Black, Crabbie’s Spiced Orange and Crabbie’s Mulled Wine were joined by the non-alcoholic range of John Crabbie’s ginger beer in 2011 as Halewood hit the innovation trail.

The company is coy about whether it will unveil further NPD over the coming months, but a spokesman confirms it will “further support the brand and continue its development, including the nurturing of these new Crabbie’s lines to develop their own loyal consumer bases”.

Over the past 12 months the brand has also fulfilled its global ambitions, securing international distribution in 25 countries including Canada, the US and Australia.

74 (80)
Viña Albali
: £28.9m Growth: +12.1%

After launching a Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, Albali now plans to add other varietals in 2013. Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc are in the pipeline, along with a blend of Merlot and Shiraz with Tempranillo.

75 (74)
: £28.8m Growth: +1.6%

After a storming 2010/11, Calvet enjoyed more modest growth this year. Future success rests on new listings for Bordeaux chateaux wines and building on recent sales success for Sancerre and Touraine sauvignon blanc.

76 (49)
Pimm’s No 1
: £28.8m Growth: -29.9%

Facebook, a smartphone app and activity with Coke and Schweppes didn’t stop Pimm’s sales plummeting. Diageo says its Celebratory British Summer campaign will help matters. The weather might have other ideas.

77 (55)
Smirnoff Ice
£28.7 Growth: -23.8%

It managed to cling on to sales with two-for-£5 deals last year, but the arrival of premix cocktails has since sent sales of alcopops tumbling. Could the relaunch of Hooch help turn around the category’s fortunes?

78 (85)
£28.5m Growth: +14.8%

This Spanish wine has driven growth through promotional activity across all the major supermarkets. The brand has just launched One Cork One Point, which it claims is the first wine brand loyalty scheme.

79 (59)
Boddingtons Draught
£28.5m Growth: -17.5%

Although the brand has recently had a packaging overhaul, it’s now into a sixth year without ad support - and the cracks are showing. That said, Boddies still outsells all rival premium ales except Old Speckled Hen.

80 (73)
Brancott Estate
£28.2m Growth: -1.7%

Pernod Ricard puts Brancott’s dip in sales down to a glut of lower-priced New Zealand wines - and fewer deals. An upcoming promotion, Curious Journeys, will flag the brand’s Lonely Planet partnership.