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Mistakes are crucial to business success: embrace and learn from them

I’d suggest that you don’t start a business if mistakes weigh heavily on you

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How do you ask for a pay rise? Top tips from the Top New Talent Summer Social

We assembled an expert industry panel to share their top career tips on everything from how to maintain a work/life balance to their favourite interview questions

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It’s not all about short-term sales: build slowly if it suits you

Short-term goals can work, but focusing on your foundations will provide longer-term success

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To build a business, never give up - and find the right team

What’s the most valuable skill to have when you’re starting and building a business?

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As your business grows, so does the need for clarity

I didn’t know it, but until a year ago I was a management cynic


Team coaching offers a different way to develop commitment

There are various ways to develop the skills needed by your sales team. Retail team coaching is one


Career progression has changed - so don't fall into stasis

Progression is no longer as simple as ascending through the ranks in a linear fashion – businesses need to take note

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Why startups should set goals early - and write them down

Knowing what you want from your business – and your life – from the start will help guide your goals

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A new way to rate customer satisfaction - and improve it

It’s no longer enough to have merely ‘satisfied’ customers – we have to reach excellence in the way we treat them


How to motivate: six tips for supporting and inspiring staff

There are several ways to motivate employees in store


Balance for better: equality is more than just a numbers game

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day campaign centres on the struggle towards a more gender-balanced world

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Secrets of startup 'success': belief is as important as logic

Nick and I often get asked to give talks and take part in panels, on various aspects of making a business successful


How 1950s retailing advice holds up in 2019

Bernardo Trujillo was the great guru of retail in the 1950s – but he couldn’t foresee the rise of online, says Benoit Mahé 

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Manage business relationships like you would your love life

Perseverance and nurture are key to any successful relationship, whether in romance or business

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Time for a break: how a holiday can be a business milestone

If you can leave for more than a week without causing the business stress, then you are out of the startup phase

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Will the ego and soul of my company live on when I retire?

Empower your employees to keep up with the current processes after you leave


It's 'Planuary' but why not focus on your career all year?

Looking for your next role, or thinking more seriously about the future of your career, should not be a brief resolution

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Be courageous, build confidence: act on those opportunities

Courage is what you have when you face something scary, and you do it anyway. Confidence is what you have after you’ve done it

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How to get the best out of your team when money is tight

There are other ways to affect the happiness of your team without salary increases

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A successful career won't just happen - actively manage it!

Some actively manage their careers so they achieve it, while others leave it to chance