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Land fallowing: How an unlikely safari gave me hope in the climate crisis

Intensively farmed until 2005, Knepp has recovered in fewer than 20 years to be a leading site of biodiversity and, perhaps less intuitively, climate action


How we found a squeezy ketchup solution and stayed sustainable

With 97% of the retail ketchup in a squeezy bottle and our mission to take 5% of the UK ketchup market in the next three years, we knew we needed to get into the right format

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Know your challenge: how to make self-help books work for you

If you are reading the self-help book for a reason – inspiration, or how to manage people – then the answer lies in whether you know what you want

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Becoming a B Corp helped us learn where best to focus our efforts

The choices we make daily – what we buy, what we eat, what we waste – collectively changes a lot

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Three questions to help unravel the secrets of succession

I’m not here to tell you to write a succession plan. My task is to make it easier for you

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Behind the B: why B Corp status is so important in 2022

March is B Corp Month, a time to recognise brands that strive towards a high standard of sustainability

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In this age of inflation, let’s value our food more and waste less

It’s almost impossible to not notice inflation’s tightening squeeze on living costs


How to balance calls, meetings and actual work from home

The place we need to get our minds to is understanding that being in your inbox or in a call/meeting is not the only way to be busy

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In fundraising, purpose and profit are drawing closer together

Birthdays during the pandemic have been odd affairs, but this year I got some very welcome news on mine

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Ten years in, how daring to be different has worked for us

We’ve come a long way since my early morning dashes to save bin-bound veg

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Use triggers to form habits to make your resolutions stick

As the new year sneaks in, we welcome it quietly, softly, without wishing to voice our thoughts too loudly in case it becomes another flaming nightmare of a year

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Make food waste the focus of your brand’s new year’s resolution

Businesses bore the brunt of people cancelling festive plans due to Omicron, and revenues weren’t the only casualty


A turbulent year – but 2021 has provided some positives, too

In my opinion, the best outcome of 2021 has been the spotlight on our planet and people

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We can’t all be like Rocky – build your resilience muscle

Although some days you’d rather pull the duvet over your head and forget the world, you have developed resilience

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Brands shouldn’t race to impress when it comes to being green

If it wasn’t before, sustainability is now the watchword for brands everywhere

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Getting our hands dirty ahead of a non-wasteful Christmas

Last week, amid the array of meetings in Glasgow for COP26, the Rubies in the Rubble team hit the orchards


What Moneyball can teach us about those difficult conversations

The film about a baseball club struggling to compete can teach us a lot about conflict resolution

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Why wait for green policy when brands can act now?

The conference is only halfway through, but I’m sure some of you are already experiencing COP26 fatigue

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Business owners have a duty to accelerate their work on climate

It’s six years on from the landmark Paris Agreement where world leaders signed a binding global agreement to tackle climate change

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Under attack: simple ways to dodge the real threat of cybercrime

This company has been phished. That company has been subjected to ransomware. My friend has lost his identity


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