Coop pride Respect Network 2

How fmcg is celebrating Pride Month 2024

Major grocery players like HelloFresh, Co-op, Britvic, Sysco GB and Tesco are demonstrating their commitment to Pride this month

Kathy caton brighton gin

Brighton Gin’s Kathy Caton on queer fundraising, spam emails and Nigella

‘On a Pride parade float with Brighton Gin, I’d like LGBTQ+ ally and general gastronomic goddess Nigella Lawson’


JJ Community Friends Directory SQUARE

JJ Foodservice launches volunteering directory to support communities

The directory lists charities near every JJ branch, making it easier for employees to find their volunteering match

King Charles Felix Project1

Who were the food and drink heroes in the King’s Honours 2024?

An array of food and drink industry leaders and influencers were recognised in this year’s King’s Birthday Honours, with charity bosses, supermarket comms pros and safety leads making the cut


child fruit children tesco healthy

How can the food & drink industry thrive? Ask young people

All over the world, young people are beginning to question a food system that is making it hard to be healthy, says Sharon Bligh, director of health & sustainability at Consumer Goods Forum, and Molly Lewis, 17-year-old activist from Bite Back 2030

groceryaid henry fricker

My food & drink job: Henry Fricker, relationship manager, GroceryAid

Grocery charity worker, Henry, shares his journey working to support LGBT people in diversity and inclusion


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