A recent design overhaul has won absinthe brand Apsinthion national listings at Asda.

The Toorank Distillery-owned absinthe arrived at Asda two weeks ago after the bottle was shortened and the label redesigned to look more authentic. It was previously only available in selected Sainsbury's stores and independent outlets. With an abv of 55%, Apsinthinion (rsp: £16.99) was the sort of "quirky yet quality" spirit that retailers demanded for the pre-Christmas period, said Christopher Walker, director of sales at Toorank.

"Redesigning the bottle enabled it to be stocked at Asda because it was too tall for shelves before. The buyer was impressed with the sophisticated new look. Absinthe is a niche drink, but people today are increasingly looking for something different and quirky. If it is something special, consumers will happily pay out for it over something like an RTD."