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Who: United Biscuits

What: McVitie’s DeliChoc The Big Crunch with Belgian White Chocolate

Where: Sweet biscuits

When: Launched January 2015

How much:£1.79/150g

Why: Launched in the UK this year, DeliChoc originated in France and Belgium as part of United Biscuits’ Delacre portfolio. Sold in a 12-pack, these feature a slab of Belgian chocolate on top of crunchy biscuit, and come in three varieties: milk, dark and white chocolate. Aiming for first-year sales of £6.5m, UB is supporting the launch with a £2m push including TV advertising.

Consumer verdict: McVitie’s trusted branding prompted a good level of pre-trial interest. High expectations were generally met after sampling, with the “crispy, crunchy base” and “thick” layer of chocolate combining to give a biscuit described as “delicious”. However, a significant number said they would have preferred milk or plain chocolate, and some felt the overall taste was “too cheap”, which affected ratings and kept the overall score slightly below the norm within this high-scoring category. Despite some reservations, however, it was regarded as a viable option as an affordable weekend treat for all the family.

Pre-trial purchase: 48%

Post-trial purchase: 59%

Better than what’s out there: 48%

New and different: 72%

Overall score:  37/50