Producer: Connage Highland Dairy
Launched: 2006
Region: Scottish Highlands

What’s your story? “Our Cromal is a typical Scottish farmhouse cheese just like grannie used to make and mature in the loft,” says Connage partner Jill Clark (pictured). “In the past, a house cow was kept on many a farm in the north of Scotland, and this milk was used in the house and to make cheeses, butter and Crowdie.”

Why is your cheese a regional gem? “We farm in a microclimate beside the Moray Firth, which gives our Cromal unique seasonality. Our cows delight in gorging on our clover pastures, giving Cromal a light, fresh lemony flavour with a crumbly texture and sold young to capture the freshness of summer. In winter, the cheese is aged for longer to give a stronger depth of flavour.”

The Grocer says: There aren’t many cheeses that could be described as “seasonal”, but its unique summer and winter profiles mean Cromal is just that. We tried the summer version, and loved its light, milky and refreshing taste and texture, which we think would really shine in a summer salad. On a cheeseboard, it would provide the perfect counterbalance to stronger cheeses and make for a refreshing palate-cleanser.