• In the past year there were 106 million BBQ occasions, a decline of 2.5% versus the previous year.
  • The most popular BBQ food is sausages, which feature at 45.5% of occasions. Beefburgers are second (41.1%), however in the past year poultry has experienced the most growth. On the flipside, kebabs, steak and pork chops have experienced the greatest decline.
  • Children are core to the barbecue occasion and over-index with sausages, poultry and chicken burgers. Females, on the other hand, particularly over-index with fish and veggie burgers whereas males prefer more meat such as lamb and beef. In the past year, young females and 35 to 44-year-olds have increased their barbecue occasions.
  • The BBQ occasion is all about the weekend, where 54% of consumption falls. Nearly three-quarters of consumption occurs from 4pm to 9pm as a BBQ lunch tends to peak later in the afternoon.

Tom Roberts, analyst, Kantar Worldpanel