New Zealand

New Zealand is best known for its high-quality meat and fish, but drinks company Ice Republic will be demonstrating that the country also has some innovative drinks manufacturers. It will be demonstrating its award-winning 100% natural mix of fruit and fruit juices that come in bags and are designed for use in cocktail making. All you have to do is add water and alcohol to the pouch, shake it and put it in the freezer for an iced cocktail. It is available in three flavours, Strawberry Daiquiri, Piña Colada and Lime Margarita.


Wine will feature heavily at the French pavilion this year, as you would expect, but there's plenty more on show as well. Pastry product company Brossard will be demonstrating France's skills in patisserie with its range of soft cakes and frozen desserts. Its line up will boast items such as individually wrapped mini brownies, chocolate eclairs and macaroons as well as its Duo Gourmand mini muffin cakes with either an orange or raspberry filling, which are new for the show. The market leader in sauerkraut in France, SA Andre Laurent, will also be on hand to show its wide range of products.


The Greek pavilion will host one of the largest number of visiting companies, demonstrating the depth and versatility of Greek products. Greek sauce specialist Viosal will show that tzatziki is not the only dip the country has to offer by bringing a range of its authentic sauces and dressings to the show. These include agioritiki, a traditional recipe made from aubergine, walnut, parsley and roasted peppers, and kopanisti, which is made by blending feta cheese with roasted peppers. Biscuit company Kalabokis will bring along its traditional Mastiha cookies containing a natural resin that is used widely in Greek biscuit and sweet manufacture.


Denmark's contribution to the show includes a range of speciality foods, from rye crackers, mustard, traditional cookies and handmade sweets to cold-pressed rapeseed oil. Also on display will be KB Finest's range of tapas fish products - smoked trout, smoked Greenland halibut and smoked tuna - as well as its Carpaccio series of starters for two people. Carpaccio salmon, for example, contains thin slices of the smoked fish with Italian cheese and olive oil. Castus fruit bars, which are already listed at Tesco and Waitrose, will also be on show, and so will be products from Cocio Chocolademelk, one of Denmark's largest producers of chocolate milk and iced coffee products.

Northern Ireland

Eighteen companies from Northern Ireland will be at this year's show displaying a broad range of food and drink products, including flavoured mashed potato, yoghurts, meat, breads and desserts. Whitewater Brewery will be showcasing a selection of its beers, including Glen ale, blonde lager and its popular Belfast ale, which is brewed with torrified wheat and roasted barley. Barefruit Products, which was established last year, will be showing its Puro smoothie range. The smoothies come in flavours such as strawberry sorbet, kiwi & mango and melon and aren't pasteurised to retain the vitamins, minerals and fibre.