in 500ml and 100ml tubs has premium ice cream brands in its sights Paula Mcfarlane is design consultant at Brandhouse WTS Having given up chocolate and ice cream for Lent, I was a little apprehensive about Colombo's frozen yogurts as the four flavours sounded very ice cream' to me. But I was assured the product came within the yogurt category. My family are big ice cream fans, with Ben & Jerry's probably top of the list, or a standard vanilla if the ice cream is only to accompany a pudding. I was therefore surprised to see my yogurt-phobic son so readily agree to taste Colombo's. I can only assume that the small tub, the in-the-freezer' element, and possibly the American style graphics all spelt out Ice Cream!' With four tubs and three spoons, we tasted each one in turn. The Vanilla Dream gave us the biggest challenge. Ice cream or not ice cream? The ingredients read yogurt' but it definitely tasted like ice cream, and had a frothy lightness as it melted. Verdict ­ good! After establishing the ice cream nature of the product, the Alpine Strawberry flavour was (unfairly) compared to other strawberry ice creams ­ and found to be not quite as fruity as established favourites which usually contain real fruit. The chocolate flavours, however, got a unanimous yes' vote, and with 0.08g fat, these are very much a healthier option. Overall, I found the product quite light and satisfying. The 100g tubs with the spoons included in the lid are perfect for evenings in front of the telly ­ and there's no washing up. The fat free' endorsement is a plus and at only 80 cals a tub, what more can you want? Conversely, the packaging leaves more to be desired. The required information is present, but it lacks identity, with no premium cues or delicious' epithets. There should be more of a sense of indulgence to contrast the fat-free message. The colour coding is comprehensive, but I found the strawberry image on each pack misleading. What is the strawberry doing on the Chocolate Mint Truffle? The cost, however, is competitive. The family size tubs cost £2.99, cheaper than some of the top brand ice creams in the same size tub. {{MARKETING - P&P }}