I don't know much about Warburtons apart from the fact that it is a long-running family business: bakers born and bred' according to the adverts. I buy Warburtons medium sliced white bread quite often as it is good quality, reasonably priced and seems to keep well. I expected the product to be luxurious, more of a cake than a bread not something I would normally buy for myself although I can imagine my mum buying it as a treat to have with tea or to make bread and butter pudding with. The packaging is not very luxurious. It looks like a not-very-special six-slice loaf. It doesn't say that it is a luxury product, and on three of the four loaves the phrase with Belgian chocolate' had slipped almost out of view. I'm also not sure how it would stack on shop shelves because the bag opens at the top. The fact that the bag is easy to reseal is good though and the see-through bit at the top means you can easily see the tempting contents. The loaf has a nice texture, somewhere between cake and bread and is like chocolate hot cross buns. The chocolate was lovely, very good quality and there are plenty of big juicy raisins in each slice. It's very more-ish but also very rich. I was told that the loaf was nice toasted with butter but this was not made obvious on the packaging. I wasn't too sure about putting it in the toaster because of the chocolate, but it seemed okay. The chocolate just melted and didn't run and it tasted good. This is a special occasion thing. I probably wouldn't buy it for myself but I'd be quite happy if someone else did. Just one thing however, The loaf was a good size, as were the slices, but I don't think there would be enough for an average family. {{P&P }}