Online grocery retailer Ocado is to launch a virtual pet store on its website ­early next year.

The Pet Corner microsite will bring together all of Ocado's existing pet food lines into one place as well as incorporating some new products.

"We thought it made sense to locate all of our pet products in one place to make it easier for customers," said an Ocado spokesman. "Sales of pet food together with customer feedback pointed to a demand for something like this."

The site will also feature information and advice for owners on pet health and nutrition provided by TV vet Joe Inglis.

Locating advice alongside products on the site was something it wanted to do more of, said Ocado. "We hope it will make for a ­richer shopping experience."

Inglis has recently launched his own range of veterinary developed pet food, Vet's Kitchen.

The full range of 17 Vet's Kitchen products, designed to tackle common pet health complaints such as obesity and joint problems, will be available on the site.

"If you look at what is available in terms of commercial pet foods, a lot of it is rubbish" said Inglis. "There is a drive towards healthy eating for humans and I believe this should be extended to our pets too."

Ocado said Pet Corner, which launches in late January, will work in conjunction with its main site, allowing customers to use it as part of their regular Ocado grocery shop or to visit it directly if they wish.

This is not the first time Ocado has used a microsite concept. It trialled a site for its summer products earlier in the year.