Diageo has further angered unions aggrieved over potential Scottish job losses by inviting MPs and MSPs to the Gleneagles golf tournament, which it sponsors.

East Lothian MP Anne Moffat, who sits on the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee, alerted the Unite union to the invitations.

"I am normally happy to attend events hosted by Diageo, which is a major employer in many Scottish regions," she said. "But on this occasion it's just not appropriate in the middle of a jobs dispute. The future of the jobs is by far the most important concern."

About 900 jobs in Scotland are threatened by Diageo's restructuring plan. Unions and Scottish government officials met this week to finalise an alternative proposal, which has been put to the company.

"Diageo isn't in financial difficulty, as the sponsorship of Gleneagles makes clear," said Unite regional secretary John Quigley.

"The workers have contributed immensely to the type of success that delivers huge profits, a £5m wage for CEO Paul Walsh and glitzy sponsorship of high-profile events."

Diageo refused to reveal which MPs and MSPs had accepted invitations, and insisted sponsorship of the tournament showed its commitment to Scotland.

"The event allows us to generate brand awareness and provide opportunities to build important commercial relationships," said a spokeswoman.