THE EXPERT Arabella Woodrow Master of Wine and wine buyer for Forth Wine This has a pale tawny brown colour and has a good froth to it. The beer has quite a strong hoppy aroma with a firm bite. It is clean and powerful with a grassy style with good acid balance and a robust body. It has a clean finish, is strong tasting and the alcohol is pronounced. It seems to have been very successful during its long life ­ and of course it is stocked by most of the majors. All I can say is that it seems to be a pleasant drop of beer with plenty of style and character Success rating out of 25 ­ 20 THE DESIGNER Matt Thompson Associate director of Blackburn's, a brand packaging designer "I'll have a Landlord, please, Landlord." A perfect piece of product positioning. I can almost feel a Two Ronnies sketch coming on! Sadly, this is as old hat as the "multi-award winning" brew within. No wonder ale is ailing. However merit worthy, this beer is visually unappealing to anyone under the age of 90. Surely this brand has bigger aspirations. Perceptions of this category need to be radically changed if it is to have a future, otherwise for this brand and its competitors it'll be goodbye from him and goodbye from him. Success rating out of 25 ­ 4 The buyer Adam Marshall Licensed trading controller at Nisa-Today's I was surprised to learn that this product was originally brewed for bottle before it became a highly successful cask ale. As a regular partaker of the draught version, my expectation was for a slightly blander taste as a consequence of the pasteurisation. As a bottled ale TTL delivers really well and is comparable to the cask. The presentation is classic and has only had slight modification over the years, so offers the consumer a familiarity with its "quaint old bar-keep" that sits comfortably with this style of product.Coupled with its recent award and the interest from the major multiples, this product is a surefire winner. Success rating out of 25 ­ 22 Total score out of 100 ­ 52 {{DRINKS }}