First it was the round pound. Now retailers have the option to stock the round-calorie.

The new Tasty Little Numbers brand which comprises bagged snacks, chocolate bars and snack pots that contain exactly 100 or 200 calories is taking food labelling to a new level by boldly flagging up the calorie content on the front of the packaging.

Concept creator Jo Beach insisted she had not compromised on ingredients to hit the 100 and 200-calorie targets. “Often, to make a low-calorie product, the fat will be reduced and sugar increased or vice versa, Tasty Little Numbers does not do that,” she said. “While it does not promise to make you skinny, it will make calorie counting easy.”

The range, which has been launched under the strapline ‘The snacks that take the messin’ outta guessin’!’, includes three 100-calorie chocolate bars (rsp: 55p), six 100-calorie bagged snacks (rsp: 55p) and four 200-calorie ambient snack pots (rsp: £2.49). All the products have quirky names such as Kiss My Tortillas Hot Lips! (tortilla corn chips), They’ve Banged Up the Beans! (pork sausages and baked beans snack pot), and I Need Milk Chocolate Now! (chocolate bars).

The brand has secured permanent listings with One Stop and Holland & Barrett following trials and is now seeking further listings with major retailers.

A chilled ready meals range produced by Kerry Foods is currently being developed for the brand and is due to be added to the portfolio later this year. Beach plans to follow this with cakes, puddings and desserts next year.