Warburtons: baked in Scotland Although its roots are in Bolton, Warburtons has made significant inroads into Scotland since it entered the market in 1995. Warburtons claims a 13% share of the Scottish bread market ­ and year on year growth of 43%. This is partly due to a new bakery in Bellshill that makes fresh bread more widely available with easy access to most parts of Scotland and the borders by its van salesforce. It has also tartanised its products by putting a Baked in Scotland' logo on its premium range of bread and morning goods. One of its new product developments this year has been the introduction of 400g brown version of its Original Soft Farmhouse Loaf. Md of Warburtons Jonathan Warburton says: "Scottish retailers particularly should benefit from this addition to the category as Scotland already performs ahead of the market in 400g loaves." Commitment to growing the Scottish market has also manifested itself in the marketing support it puts behind its brand. This year a £3.6m ad campaign on posters and TV included significant weighting in Grampian, Scottish and Borders TV regions. {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}