Jeyes is flushing out a new sector in toilet care with the category’s first liquid in-cistern cleaning product.

Rolling out from the end of next month, the new line - Bloo Acticlean - will be backed by a £3m marketing spend.

The newcomer dispenses a precise dose of cleaning liquid automatically every time the toilet is flushed.

“This is the first time that liquid technology, which consumers are familiar with on rim products, has been developed for in-cistern use,” claimed Jayne Hazelwood,
marketing controller. “It represents a significant step forward for the in-cistern market,” she said.

TV support and tailored instore activity is timed to coincide with the launch and aims to educate consumers about the product’s virtues.

“Toilet cleaning provokes a very strong emotional response,” said Hazlewood. “The positive image of a sparkling toilet is very motivating to consumers and liquid is seen as a more modern method. Bloo Acticlean offers consumers a pro-active approach as it cleans every time the toilet is flushed.”

The offering contains bicarbonate of soda and comes in two variants - blue Ocean Breeze and clear Citrus Burst. Both are said to last for up to 400 flushes and retail at £1.89 each, with refills at £1.49. Packaging aims to highlight that the product works differently from Bloo’s in-cistern block.
Mary Carmichael