Are you a '90s man or a Loaded lad? Do not understand question ­ probably too old! How would you describe the M25 in one word? Busy. White van man ­ how often is he on your tail? Fortunately rarely. What's your worst breakdown nightmare? Actually, the company supplied a Peugeot 306, have had it for almost three years and done 92,000 miles, and it has never broken down. Road rage ­ are you often afflicted by it? Extremely rarely, life is too short. What is the worst thing you have done when under the influence of road rage? Threatened to do something extremely unpleasant to a pheasant if I ever caught it (after swerving to avoid it and nearly colliding with a lamppost). Where would you most like to be stuck in a traffic jam? Stonehenge. The tranquility takes away the unpleasantness of the jam. What has been your most embarrassing moment? Arriving at a fancy dress party in Rocky Horror outfit as requested on the invitation only to find everyone else was told to wear something much less outrageous. Are you going to do a bungee jump before you're too old? With my weight the rope would snap! Have you ever flirted with death? Only when upsetting the wife. What really frightens you? Leather trousers. Admit it ­ how dirty is your car? Very (don't tell the boss). Do car washing machines frighten you? Yes. How badly lost have you become? Given a choice, I will always pick the wrong direction. What has been your most annoying experience in a cinema? My wife constantly unwrapping sweets. Are you frivolous with money or do you keep a tight hold on the purse strings? Buying a Kawasaki motorbike and having it delivered while the wife was away for the weekend. Would you call that frivolous? What is your New Year's resolution? To hone my body to perfection. What would be your desert island luxury? No mobile phone. {{COUNTERPOINT }}