Premium egg producer Clarence Court is launching a seasonal limited box into Waitrose in time for Easter.

The box contains four types of egg: a Cornish goose egg, a Braddock white duck egg, a pheasant egg and quail's eggs.

Marketing director Adrian Gott said that if the promotion went well, he hoped the box would win listings in London shops such as Harrods, though the product would only be sold for a short time.

Frances Westerman, egg buyer for Waitrose, said it was a unique proposition: "Our customers like experimenting and trying new things."

Clarence Court has a track record of successfully tapping into growth at the premium end of the egg market with colourful eggs and those from rare breeds, such as Old Cotswold Legbars.

"Sales of Clarence Court eggs have risen 65% in the past 12 months," said Gott. "Consumers have become more savvy and know that there is a difference in taste, feed, environment and breed."

The box will display simple explanations of how to use each egg. Anyone still unsure can visit the Clarence Court website where chef Mark Hix, of celebrity restaurant The Ivy, has been commissioned to provide recipe advice.

The eggs take from two minutes for a quail egg to 11 minutes for a goose egg to cook. Suggestions for cooking include scrambled goose egg à deux, quail's egg Niçoise salad and duck egg brownies.

Clarence Court also ­recommends weighing each egg when baking because, unlike conventional offerings, its eggs are not graded.

The limited-edition box will only be available from Easter until summer, priced at £4.99.

Gott said similar seasonal boxes would be unlikely because of the seasonality of hatching.

The company also plans to introduce boxed pheasant and bantam eggs into Waitrose, which it said are intense in flavour and denser in yolk than ordinary hen's eggs. These will go into stores from mid March to September, to coincide with the laying season.