Strong Roots

Who: Strong Roots

What: Strong Roots Roasted Beetroot Wedges

Where: Frozen vegetables

How much: £3/500g

Why: The rise in people eschewing meat and dairy has led to a wealth of plant-based NPD in recent months. That includes these frozen beetroot wedges from Ireland’s Strong Roots. Coated in a light rice flour batter, they arrived in British grocery last November along with four other vegan-friendly SKUs, including Mixed Root Vegetable Fries and Spinach Bites, with the intention of broadening the frozen brand’s appeal.

Consumer verdict: In spite of Strong Roots being a relative newcomer to UK freezers, it was unlikely to be overlooked due to its distinctive packaging, said our shoppers. While the premium price was noted, it failed to significantly affect pre-trial interest. There was agreement that the flavour and texture of the product met with expectations, with praise for the colour, the “crunchy” texture, and the “health factor”. The beetroot wedges were “better than potato wedges”. However, some testers disliked the “off-putting colour”, perceived insufficiency of batter and “peculiar aftertaste”.

Pre-trial purchase: 54%

Post-trial purchase: 56%

Better than what’s out there: 46%

New and different: 81% 

Overall score: 39/50