I was awaiting SuperScrimpers: Deals on Meals (8pm, C4, 24 July) with as much anticipation as I was more guff about the birth of baby George (an event only the happy couple handled with any decorum, the gushing so extreme elsewhere it led to actual flood warnings or was that the weather?)

Things did not start well, with a SuperScrimper showing us how to make that essential item - the picnic cutlery roll. “Gorgeous” she declared and, if a rolled-up tea towel is your thing, indeed it was (me, I’m more into the food). Then we met the Steins, a middle-class family who had brought their woes entirely upon themselves, the wife stocking up on food as if in preparation for WW3 (she had 14 jars of pesto) and the husband’s newfound frugality sparked by a two-thirds drop in salary - after he quit his job to set up his own business.

The advice they got was really good, however - and not just for them. How many of us are guilty of wasting food because we don’t have a clue what’s in our cupboard or buy things we don’t need? SuperScrimpers advised on useful websites, how to cook great meals from what we’ve already got and the downsides of supermarket deals. We also heard from Dev, who runs the best Indian restaurant around - The Ambrette in Margate (I might be slightly biased) - and got a steer on the best extra virgin olive oil (Filippo Berio and Aldi’s Solesta scored equal top marks on taste, but the latter obviously won out on value).

So all in all, SuperScrimpers was surprisingly good - if not quite super.