The Freshlock process pasteurises vegetables, extending the life whilst retaining the natural vitamins and minerals

Barfoots has launched Freshlock, a vegetable innovation that reduces food waste by extending the life of its produce.

The Freshlock process pasteurises veg, extending their shelf life while retaining their natural vitamin and mineral content. It is currently used on Barfoots’ sweetcorn offering, though the grower is also developing the technology for use on its other vegetable crops.

Produce prepared with Freshlock sees its shelf life extended by between five and 10 times that of standard fresh produce, which means waste can be reduced and stock levels managed more efficiently, Barfoots said.

The process is also free of artificial preservatives and additives.

Freshlock sweetcorn is available in a variety of cuts, such as bites and ribs, in ready to eat or reheatable formats.

“Barfoots strives to bring new ways for consumers to enjoy vegetables and we have a rich history of doing so,” said Kim Barfoot-Brace, brand and Marketing manager for the grower, which pioneered the mass supply of sweetcorn during the 1980s and 1990s.

“We’re super excited about this innovation that in addition to providing a delicious product, also addresses key sustainability issues,” she added.

The sweetcorn is currently available to the foodservice sector direct via Barfoots, and through Sysco subsidaries Fresh Direct and Brakes.

“Working in partnership with companies like Barfoots whether through Freshlock or other vegetables, allows us to really focus on what the customer wants and ensure that we are delivering exactly what they need to support their business,” said Sarah Phillips, senior category manager at Sysco.