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Source: Unilever

Recyclable bottles are part of a strategy by Comfort owner Unilever to reduce carbon emissions and waste

Comfort has reformulated its core fabric conditioners and poured them into recyclable bottles.

The brand’s Core and Creations ranges now feature “improved fragrances” and formulations designed to “lock in fragrance and release freshness for longer”.

They have been poured into new 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles featuring updated designs, intended to “provide maximum standout”, and a new shape, allowing more units to be stocked on shelf. 

The bottles are fully recyclable, excluding their caps and sleeves, which feature recycling instructions. 

They have already hit shelves at AsdaMorrisonsWaitroseHome Bargains and B&M

The move forms part of Comfort owner Unilever’s ‘Clean Future’ strategy, which aims to reduce the carbon emissions and waste associated with manufacturing its household brands.

It is being supported by a £12m campaign, focusing on inclusivity, spanning TV, social media, out-of-home and in-store activity.  

The move comes after Unilever stablemate Persil added “enhanced” QR codes to its packs earlier this year, in a bid to improve accessibility for blind and partially sighted shoppers.