Delist carefully

Sir, Supermarkets should carefully consider decisions about product listings at this time. Many challenger brands sit within organic, and consumers will continue to seek products with integrity once this pandemic is over.

No one could have predicted the disruptions to our food supply chains that occurred in March - and product delistings were likely a decision to simplify in order to deal with the unprecedented peaks caused by panic buying. However, once supply chains adjust, any lack of support for organic brands will simply drive core organic consumers to other channels.

The Covid-19 crisis has brought the value of food and the sustainability of our food systems sharply into focus. For this reason, people will continue to choose challenger brands with integrity - especially organic.

Lee Holdstock, Soil Association Certification

A good time for TV

Sir, Television is at a 40-year low in relative cost - peak airtime is cheaper than daytime compared with last year.

TV delivers extraordinarily high levels of audience reach at speed especially in the current environment. If you are an established brand you can buy exceptionally cheap share-of-voice. Or if you are a new brand looking to scale quickly, there has never been a better time to use television.

Richard Temple, MD, John Ayling & Associates

Backing US pork

Sir, It is not usual for me to support the US meat sector but I must react to Professor Liam Fassam’s comments  that “somebody, somewhere will be capitalising out of [the one million pigs per week unable to be processed in the US]. They’ll find a route out of the country and will come into the supply chain.”

Such remarks are uninformed. Of course, the pigs are humanely euthanised, most of them in processing plants using skeleton staff, and the dead hogs sent for rendering.

The scheme is well controlled, and the pig farmers are compensated for their losses. The US pork sector may have many faults, but its supply chain is efficient, highly organised and above board on such matters.

JP Garnier, CEO, Meatwise Int