As the mornings get chillier, it’s a good time of year to advertise porridge. Quaker Oats is on it, though its ad shows a bloke waking up to billowing curtains and an open window, which suggests it’s either set in the summer, or our hero doesn’t feel the cold.

Anyway, our man whips up a bowlful, topped with fruit – then heads to the gym, where he spends some time practicing kickboxing. But Quaker Oats does more than fuel violent sport… he’s then off to school, where he’s revealed also to be an inspirational teacher.

It’s not entirely unpredictable – partly because of the gratingly on-the-nose soundtrack, Dermot Kennedy’s Outnumbered over-emoting that “I see everything you can be” – but the all-day energy message is clear. Meanwhile, the ‘Fire Inside’ strapline neatly reflects our hero’s bellyful of passion – as well as that warm glow provided by porridge.