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Warehouse workers and delivery drivers at GXO’s Feltham site in London are going on strike for two weeks

GXO Logistics workers transporting goods for Costa Coffee and Whitbread are going on strike in a dispute over “alarmingly low pay”.

Over 100 of union Unite’s members employed by GXO at the logistics company’s Feltham site in London are set to strike for two weeks.

From 20 May to 7 June, warehouse workers and delivery drivers will take part in the industrial action after GXO “failed to make any form of pay offer” despite claims the company pays its staff lower than the London living wage.

The affected warehouse workers take home “just over £12 an hour and are suffering from the impacts of the cost of living crisis as a result”, Unite said, while rates for delivery drivers were also below market rates.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “It’s disgraceful that a multibillion-pound company is paying its workers below the living wage.

“This is a company that can fully afford to pay its workers fairly and decently but has chosen not to out of sheer greed.

“Unite always puts the jobs, pay and conditions of its members first and the workers at GXO in Feltham will receive the union’s unyielding support.”

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The UK’s biggest union said it believed food and drink would be in short supply while workers took part in the strike.

“Our members are an integral part of the operation at GXO Logistics. Any disruption caused because of these strikes sits entirely with management at the company”, added Lui D’Cunha, regional officer at Unite.

“GXO has had every opportunity to make a fair pay offer but has declined to do so.”

GXO Logistics had revenues of over £7bn last year.