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The brand is known for creating the world’s first plant-based marbled steak and largest piece of plant muscle ever

Juicy Marbles has expanded its availability in the UK with two new strategic partnerships – with online vegan supermarket Mighty Plants and specialist wholesaler Wholegood.

The US brand is known for creating what it claims is the world’s first plant-based marbled steak and largest piece of plant muscle.

Its “steaks” and “loins”, made of soy and wheat proteins, are sold raw and unseasoned to give customers “an opportunity to experiment”.

The brand claims demand in the UK “has soared with people recreating a plethora of traditional recipes”. The brand had only been available via its own website and in foodservice previously.

“We will not rest, we will not sleep, we will not blink an eye until every single Brit, including the royals, gives Marbles meats a chance,” said Luka Sinček, co-founder of Juicy Marbles.

The partnership with Mighty Plants will see Juicy Marbles products on sale directly from its website to consumers and small-scale restaurants.

“They’re redefining what a plant-based brand can be, using humour, technology and an uncompromising commitment to taste to create some of the most dynamic products on the market,” said Becky Osborne, co-founder at Mighty Plants.

The partnership with Wholegood, meanwhile, will see the vegan meat alternative increase opportunities with independent retail stores and was expected to be a “massive hit”, according to the wholesaler.