Sainsbury is introducing new types of fish to the UK in a move to help alleviate pressures on the Northern hemisphere's stock of cod and haddock. The supermarket is to start selling Kingklip, Panger and Kob from South Africa from mid March. The three fish, which have never been sold in the UK before, are similar in texture and taste to cod and haddock, and will all be available fresh from the fish counter. The fish are all line caught and purchased directly from day boats in Mossel Bay, South Africa. They are then tightly packed in ice and air freighted in polystyrene boxes directly to the UK, to ensure they are in the best condition when they reach the supermarket shelves. Kingklip (Gentpterus Capensis) is a firm, meaty white fish available as fillets from the fish counter priced at £14.99 per kg; Panger is a small pinkish whole fish with flaky white meat (rsp: £7.99 per kg); and Kob (Kabeljou) is a white fish with similar texture to haddock, (rsp: £10.99 per kg). PoS material will suggest recipes and usages. {{M/E MEAT }}