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Product: Délifrance french breads
Company: Délifrance
The new range of part-baked French breads from Délifrance includes frozen white sandwich baquettes and white, brown and multigrain mixed petit pains
Price: Four baguettes £1.29, Nine Petits Pains £1.49

Consumer's verdict

Sally Major, 24, administrative officer, Exeter, Devon

I often have friends round to my place for brunch, a favourite mealtime of mine.

The Délifrance petits pains all seem to lend themselves to this eating occasion and are a great option if you don't fancy popping to the bakery first thing.

Both the sandwich baguettes and petits pains have a nice fresh taste and they smell delicious when baked.
I will definitely be stocking my freezer with this range in the future. That way I will be always be well prepared for any unexpected visitors - whatever the time.

My only complaint is the packaging, which I think is rather bland.

Score: 23/25

Expert's verdict

Tina Hird, Trading Controller, Spar

The packaging is rather dull with too much white background and does not have a premium look.

This is a convenient pack format which you can cook from frozen in 8-10 minutes. However, the cooking instructions don't state where to place the bread in the oven, which meant I burnt the first batch I cooked.

When cooked properly the outer crust turns golden brown and crispy, but the inner bread has the grainy consistency of sponge cake and is very blandly flavoured.

The best-tasting products are the multi-grain petits pains, which have a good texture and flavour. But I am afraid I don't think these products are good value.

Score: 10/25