Company: Bottlegreen
Rsp: £1.79 for 430ml
Competition: Robinsons, Ribena

The consumer
This squash is a light and refreshing drink with a mild, sweet flavour. However, the taste is no different from supermarket own-label squash drinks. The novelty, ketchup style bottle doesn't add much excitement but may prove popular among young families as the risk of spillages is reduced. All in all it is a very average product that may have a hard time squeezing into the market. Three stars (out of five)
Hollie Brooks, student, Surrey

The retailer
The product ticks a lot of boxes for a healthier type of squash, having almost half the sugar of fruit juices, and it contains no artificial colours, flavours or artificial sweeteners. However, the first ingredient listed on the bottle is sugar. The product dispenses well, but the dilution rate of 22 servings could be a little ambitious as the liquid flows quickly when squeezed. As for the taste of the squash, I thought it was acceptable without having the wow factor. Three stars
Dave Smith, soft drinks buyer, Booths

The Grocer
It seems a little odd launching a squash in a squeezy format most associated with table sauces. However, it works a treat. It is very easy to pour and is mess-free. The only downside is that it is easy to use too much in one go, which could make it pricey compared with rivals. The taste is nice and subtle and should be a hit with both adults and kids. The Bottlegreen names adds instant quality appeal, but the slightly less enticing bottle design might deter consumers from trialling it, so strong marketing support will be needed to help it take off. Four stars
Lisa Riley, food & drink reporter