Spanish brandy Soberano Solera Reserva 5 is broadening its sales avenues this year after securing listings in Sainsbury's 300 largest stores.
On shelf now, it extends the brand's presence in the multiples beyond its national distribution in Safeway. Distiller Gonzalez Byass said the listing would help Soberano continue on its upwards sales curve following an 18% rise last year.
The brandy went into the first Sainsbury's outlets this week on a special four-week promotion at £9.99 a bottle ­ £1 off.
Sainsbury buyer Henry Stephenson said: "Our introductory price will help us to establish Soberano in one of the fastest growing sectors of the spirits market. It is a quality Brandy de Jerez with a smooth, mellow taste that particularly appeals to younger drinkers."