Members of the Sainsbury family will block the Qatari bid for the supermarket unless a deal is struck with the group's pension fund trustees. The Telegraph reported the family fear Sir Philip Hampton, the retailer's chairman, plans to recommend a 600p-a-share offer from Delta Two despite the fact that the fund has yet to reach an agreement over the pension fund.

An increase in portion sizes of food and drinks products is the cause of the UK's high obesity levels, according to nutritionist Amanda Ursell in the Times this week. Ursell pointed to products such as croissants, scones and a standard bag of crisps that were up to four times the size they were in 1998.

The Competition Commission could recommend a ban on retrospective payments to suppliers when it unveils its preliminary findings on the grocery market, according to The Sunday Times. It said the commission would also raise concerns about lump-sum payments demanded by supermarkets for the placements of new products on shelves.

Sainsbury's plans to employ more immigrant workers because they have a superior work ethic. The Daily Mail reported the retailer hopes the diligent approach of eastern Europeans and other new arrivals will spread to domestic workers. It said its use of immigrant labour in retail and distribution had grown significantly in the past two years, though it did not disclose how many workers were immigrants.

Consumers have started an online campaign to boycott Kettle Chips following the news that it has called in union breakers to dissuade workers at its Norwich factory from joining a union. The Guardian said two groups had been formed on the website facebook and had already attracted 130 members, many of whom have pledged to persuade friends not to buy the brand.