Müller begins a major "route to fruit" rejuvenation of its brands this month with the launch of a One a Day yoghurt drink

The new product promises consumers an easy way to achieve one of the government's recommended

5-a-day of fruit and veg, as well as tapping the growing popularity of smoothies.

The launch, according to Müller's marketing and R&D director Chris McDonough, is part of a "step-change in game and performance" for the dairy giant in which a "goodness code" is injected into the company's ranges.

One a Day is the company's biggest launch for five years and is being supported by a £5m promotional spend over six months to include TV support, a nationwide poster campaign and packages for retailers.

"People are looking at a more back-to-basic approach to nutrition," said McDonough.

Our route into this consumer ideology is through the 100%-natural proposition and the message coming across loud and proud from consumers is about fruit and their ability to get their '5-a-day'. "

Müller remains the UK's number one yoghurt brand with a 36% value share of the total yoghurt market [IRI 52 w/e 27 April], but in recent years has lost ground to competitors in the functional yoghurt sector.

The new yoghurt drinks, McDonough added, would "help consumers achieve their recommended daily fruit intake while bringing the great taste that the Müller brand guarantees."

Made with fruit and fruit juices, it is available in three flavours: strawberry, banana and blackcurrant; raspberry, apple and cranberry; and orange, banana and passionfruit, and is priced 99p for a 310ml bottle.

As well as tapping into consumers' increasing health concerns, the yoghurt drink is also in keeping with Müller's intention to grow its presence in impulse.

Earlier this year, CEO Stewart Gilliland announced plans to invest in product availability, saying: "Consumers are increasingly looking for healthy snacks to eat on the go, but yoghurt and pot desserts don't yet play a big role in this sector."