Peter's Foods has set its sights on the younger market with the launch of a new line of slices.

The 185g slices, being launched into the Premier range, come in eight flavours including Spicy Chicken Fajita with Discovery seasoning, Ham and Pilgrims Choice Cheese and Cheesy Bean and Sausage. It continues Peter's trend for launching products with branded ingredients, following the use of Brains and Fullers. The slices are launching this week in independents and c-stores in England and Wales and Tesco in Wales.

The UK slices market is worth £120m, but Peter's believes it has potential for growth by targeting the younger market with new twists on classic recipes.

"They will be wrapped in attention-grabbing packaging, designed perfectly for handheld eating, with each flavour featuring a unique and contemporary design," said marketing director James Osgood.