Tesco is preparing to increase its Scottish cheese orders by more than double the existing level.
The retailer said it would be taking nearly 8,000 tonnes a year from McLelland of Glasgow, which will push the supplier's share of Tesco's UK stores' hard cheeses to nearly 20%.
McLelland, which has a sizeable stake in Scotland's five major creameries, already supplies 40 cheeses to the retailer, including more than 30 regional Scottish lines.
"This investment is great news for McLelland and Scottish farmers," said Lisa Rowbottom, Tesco's cheese buyer.
McLelland's sales director Jim McGregor said: "This is good news for us, for the 270 employees at Scotland's five major creameries and for the farmer suppliers to those creameries."
However the retailer is likely to remain on the Scottish National Farmers' Union's hit list of supermarket distribution depots where it plans demonstrations, scheduled for September 19.
Tesco has been singled out for stocking German cheddar alongside home supplies.
Union president James Walker said: "Supermarkets are using cheap commodity imports to set the price for UK products."