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Weight Watchers Microwaveable Chilled Pizzas
From: Hazlewood Pizza

The new Weight Watchers range of chilled pizzas is available in Fajita Chicken, Mediterranean-style Vegetables and Garlic Mushroom.
Price: £2.49 each
Total score: 28/50

Consumer’s verdict
Lene Larsen, IT manager,
32, Manchester

A pizza lover, but always watching what I eat, I was excited at the prospect of a low calorie microwaveable option.

I found the packaging dull and I doubt I would have noticed the product on the shelf when I was out shopping.

When it came to cooking the pizza, I found the microwaveable plate very handy. It made preparation a very easy process without any mess.

Once cooked, the pizzas looked appealing and the Fajita Chicken and Mediterranean-style Vegetables options tasted nice. However, I found the Garlic Mushroom pizza watery and tasteless.

Overall, the pizzas were better than I had expected and they were a good, filling meal, especially when you take into consideration the low level of calories they contain.
Score: 16/25

Buyer’s verdict
Jonathon Bayne, technical development controller, Budgens

The prominent use of white on the packaging could make the pizzas look lost within the chiller cabinet.

However, the nutritional information provided on-pack will no doubt be beneficial to those customers who follow the Weight Watchers scheme.

I have some concerns about the quality of the ingredients used and that the cheese did not reach to the edge of the pizza base. When microwaved, I felt that the product suffered as well, with a dry eat.

Microwaveable pizzas must make any Italian shake his head in despair. Overall, the results were disappointing. The only aspect that was good about them was the amount of nutritional information, including the ‘points’ values.
Score: 12/25