Kraft is getting ready for the back-to-school lunchbox rush by introducing Dairylea Lunchables Hot Dogs. These stretch the boundaries of Kraft's Lunchables ready-to-eat cheese range which covers crackers as well as meat and Dairylea cheese slices. The company claims the hot dogs will broaden the range's appeal to older children, particularly boys. The packs (rsp: £1.29) contain three hot dog buns and three pork sausages, with Dairylea slices and tomato ketchup. A Fun Pack is also available. It contains a Capri Orange drink and treat-size Dime bars (rsp: £1.75). As with all the Lunchables range, there's no heating involved and kids can put their food together their own way. "Hot dogs are associated with fun times such as barbecues, funfairs and sporting occasions," said trading controller Doug McGowan. {{MARKETING - P&P }}