Expert's verdict...16/25

?Contemporary packaging, sealed with a funky blue screwcap, takes Blue Nun away from its classic heritage. The Nun too is less obvious and restricted to a line drawing on the front label. Pinot Grigio is a safe harbour in which to float a new line. However, whether the PG drinker will purchase from Germany is another question. It is also questionable whether the classic Blue Nun quaffer will switch allegiance to this drier, somewhat spritzy lemon-edged offering.

Jonathan Butt, head of global sourcing, Thresher Group

Consumer's verdict...22/25

?The packaging is nice, but not outstanding.

I have never bought a bottle from the Blue Nun range, as I have been put off by its cheap and cheerful image. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and smell and the £4.49 price tag is very reasonable. The company should feel pleased that the drink appeals to someone like me who is outside its targeted market of 18 to 25-year-old females.

Malcolm Walker, chartering manager, Esher, Surrey

Overall verdict...38/50

Dead Guy Ale Company: Rouge Ales Launch Price : £2.99 per bottle Today's Price: £2.99 per bottle Acid test verdict: 41/50

Aimed at cashing in on the growing interest in speciality beer, Rogue's Dead Guy Ale was launched into Morrisons and selected wholesalers in September 2005. A 6.4% abv unpasteurised German-style maibock ale from the US, it was launched in a large 650ml bottle.

Although reluctant to reveal sales figures, importer Company Value has decided to relaunch the beer in a more consumer-friendly pack size. The beer will shortly be available in 355ml bottles aimed at making it more accessible to a wider audience.