A poor woman getting snatched off the ground by a store shutter, a TikTok influencer taste testing the entire Tesco hot cross bun range, challenger brand founders going at it over veganism in LinkedIn comments and a 10 second recipe to cut out ultra processed food from your diet.

Here’s what you missed this week online in the world of grocery

Tesco hot cross buns

@beccaeatseverything I need to go lie down in a dark room. That was traumatic. My review of Tesco’s Hot Cross Buns #ukfoodie #foodie #foodtok #ukfoodreview #tesco #supermarkethaul #foodhaul #honestreview #foodreview #hotcrossbuns #easter #easterhaul #snack ♬ original sound - Beccaeatseverything

This week, TikTok influencer @beccaeatseverything bought the entire Tesco Finest hot cross bun range and reviewed each flavour to get us in the Easter spirit. From Cheddar & Red Leicester to Strawberries & Clotted Cream, Becca gained 1.3 million views and 68 thousand likes in just a few days with commenters writing: “the strawberry and cream ones have changed my life, i’ve had them for breakfast everyday for a month now” and ”I didn’t finish the video before I added to my Tesco basket”.

Fans were also adding their suggestions for the perfect HCB dish including a cheesy bun with tomato soup or even @BambeeB suggesting ”Cheese hot cross buns with a folded egg inside is an amazing breakfast!”

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You raise me up

Sweeping across the internet this past week was a CCTV video of corner shop shutter catching a woman’s coat and lifting her off the ground as it raised. Aldi’s ever viral X, formerly Twitter, page jumped on the meme, writing: ”Legal holding us back when we try and beef another supermarket for absolutely no reason”.

The woman was revealed to be 72 year old Anne Hughes from South Wales - standing waiting at the Best One convenience shop in Tonteg, Rhondda Cynon Taf where she works as a cleaner. She told the BBC “I’ll never hear the end of it, my boss has said he’s never liked his staff hanging around.”

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This vs ATB

@thomas_straker Huge day for our team at All Things Butter - we’re now available in @Sainsbury’s ♬ original sound - Thomas Straker

All Things Butter founder Toby Hoppy took to TikTok and LinkedIn to share the news that his viral artisan butter range is now stocked in Sainsbury’s as well as Ocado,  saying: ”Never in a million years would I think that our little butter brand would be launching in two of the largest national retailers within 12 months”.

However, founder of plant-based brand This, Andy Shovel, commented on his LinkedIn post writing: “Another dairy brand with happy, dancing cows on the pack. When you signed those designs off, were you aware that when a mother gives birth, her calves are snatched away from her within 2 minutes?” Continuing, ”No idea why as a young and presumably progressive founder, you’d want to spend your days in it, versus literally any other industry where you could either cause no suffering - or even be net helpful to the environment.”

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UPF alternatives

With so much in the news about ultra-processed foods at the moment, Instagram user @victoriawoodhall shared her 10 second mayo recipe, saying: ”It’s actually quicker to make this mayo than to go to a shop and buy the ultra-processed version. This is one of my staple weekend batch ‘cooks’.”

Fellow UPF-free users commented with the post reaching 183k views. User @en.core_heu.reux even suggested a vegan swap for this recipe to add that extra health level: ”I do vegan mayo the same way with aquafaba instead of egg” and @pureprkelly commenting: “Never knew it was that easy!”

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