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Cobra alcohol-free
From: Cobra Beer

Cobra Alcohol-Free is a premium alcohol-free offering from Cobra Beer. It is available in the UK and other European markets, and in Asia. It is aimed at beer drinkers with sophisticated tastes.
Price: £1.85 per 330ml bottle.
Total score: 42/50

Consumer’s verdict
Jasper Jones, Bed & Breakfast owner, 62, Wales

This is a nice product. The packaging is good and the bottle is easy to hold. However, I am not sure it would stand out on-shelf.

Cobra Alcohol-Free has a refreshing clean taste and, importantly, it does not leave an aftertaste like some similar offerings.

I eat a lot of Indian food and would certainly buy this product when dining out and driving. I like to have the option of having a beer with my curry, rather than a soft drink, even if it is alcohol-free.

I would also buy the newcomer to go with an Indian takeaway on an alcohol-free night in and would be happy to serve it to driving dinner guests. However, I would never consider buying it to drink without food, which is why I think it may struggle in bars and clubs.
Score: 20/25

Buyer’s verdict
Andrew Hargreaves, trading controller - off-licence, Landmark

Presentation design is similar to Cobra lager but with silver labelling to differentiate it from its established yellow-coloured parent brand.

This product is alcohol-free as opposed to low alcohol and yet is a high-quality, good-tasting product.

Available in 330ml with an anticipated rsp of £1.85, this is a premium offering for those who wish for taste without the alcoholic input. It is a great option for drivers who love a curry.

The retail low/non-alcoholic market is small and this may dissuade people from stocking Cobra Alcohol-Free.

Launch is due to be supported by advertising that targets Indian restaurants, bars and clubs, but consumer trends will dictate sales.
Score: 22/25