Exclusive Mary Carmichael Terry's Chocolate Orange Snowball ­ a white chocolate version of the seasonal favourite ­ rolls up for a three month debut in Kraft Foods' Christmas confectionery range this year. Other new packs highlight the growth in individual twist wraps, with a triangular box of new Toblerone One by Ones, a 330g orange segment-shaped tub of Chocolate Orange Mini Segments, and a Dime Minis box. As well as Christmas packs for Toblerone and revamped, wider All Gold packaging, there are seven new All Gold variants and now three Suchard assortments, including new Tendresses au Blanc (praline truffles in white chocolate). Trading controller Doug McGowan said c-stores had seen sales rise for the first time in years. He advised retailers to make use of secondary displays and to take advantage of exclusive c-store packs including free extra product: "Gifting becomes impulse driven at Christmas." Ad support will focus on individual brands. A new £3.2m Chocolate Orange campaign continues Dawn French's It's not Terry's, it's mine' series in the eight weeks to Christmas. Toblerone's £2m ad spend will include more outings for the What?..' posters ­ which highlight the product's triangular shape. {{MARKETING - P&P }}