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Beverage Brands is hoping to breathe some much-needed life into the struggling RTD sector with the latest addition to its WKD range - WKD Red

James Dantanus, student, 19, Brighton

Being a student, price is obviously a big issue for me when it comes to buying booze.

At a supermarket, the price of WKD Red seems very reasonable for what you are getting and, therefore, it would definitely be an option for me when I drink at home before going out to meet friends.

The packaging is a bit boring but then I wouldn’t turn down a drink because of what it looks like.

I liked the taste, which was a surprise as I have tried the other flavours in the range, and they are not to my liking. However, I enjoyed this one, which I found very sweet and fruity and would happily buy again.

Score: 22/25
Total score: 43/50
Ian McLernon, marketing & sales director, Unwins

The packaging is very clear and functional with strong on-shelf/in-chiller standout, driven by the clear bottle, which enables the liquid to differentiate itself from the rest of the WKD range and its competitors.

The liquid tastes better than expected. It is refreshing and fruity, with limited aftertaste. I was expecting it to taste sweet and carbonated, but that’s not the case.

An extension of a strong brand within the RTD category, with good packaging and a surprisingly good liquid, combined with the fact that the brand already has high levels of awareness - this is sure to become a must stock RTD this Christmas.

Score: 21/25
Product: WKD Red
Company: Beverage brands

Price: £1.29 per bottleconsumer’s verdict

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