Preparation methods for beef mince
nIn the past year there were 656 million beef mince consumption occasions, up 1% on the year before
n83% of beef mince is consumed on weekdays compared with 71% of all food consumption
n Younger men aged 17-34 consume 50% more beef mince than their average consumption for all foodsBeef mince scores highly in the convenience stakesThe main driver of mince consumption is practicality. Females are eating less, but consumption is rising among core male eaters and children.
There has been particularly encouraging growth among very young children. Beef mince is a good introduction to meat as it is easy to chew. Its use has grown along with the decline in concern among mothers about BSE.
The growth in consumption in this age group is also reflected in a 15% growth in consumption at teatime.
Some 28% of beef mince is fried. This is becoming a more popular cooking method, as is stir-frying, with boiling and baking down.
Key accompaniments to beef mince, and also in growth, are cooking sauces and pasta, indicating use in pasta dishes such as spaghetti bolognaise and lasagne.
Also growing are boiled and mashed potatoes and gravy, indicating use in traditional dishes such as cottage pie.
MLC marketing director Richard Lowe said beef mince scored highly in the convenience stakes. He added: “Beef mince comes closest to chicken in terms of perceived convenience, ease of preparation and versatility.
“It enjoys high levels of household penetration and accounts for around 43% of all beef volume, with major retailers now having up to seven different varieties of beef mince on the shelf.”
Sara Donnelly, TNS
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