What is eaten with oranges (% occasions)

Oranges feature at 616.2 million meal occasions a year

Children under 17 account for just 10% of all consumers, the smallest proportion of consumers

Conversely, older consumers (aged 45+) are the main consumers of oranges, accounting for over 60% of all consumption

Males aged 17-24 accounted for 12 million meal occasions of oranges in the year ending may 2003. This was a 17% increase from the year before

Nearly two-thirds of all oranges are eaten by consumers within the social class categories of C2/DE

In the home, oranges are most likely to be consumed as a snack. A third of all oranges are eaten at this occasion

Lunch follows as the second most popular occasion for oranges to be eaten in the home (22%)

Most oranges (77%) are consumed with a drink. Over a third are eaten with bred/rolls
Produced for The Grocer by TNS. Data annual to Nov 2002.

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