A range of inflatable fruit cases aims to solve the dual problem of how to transport fruit without damaging it while encouraging children to eat more.

Made from food-grade plastic, the three Fruity Faces cases are designed to hold round fruit, such as apples, peaches and plums, with a special one for bananas. Children place the fruit in the containers and inflate them using a mouthpiece. A clip allows the fruit to be carried on the outside of the schoolbag.

Tesco is said to be ­interested in listing them.The product is the brainchild of mother-of-two Paige Allen, who developed the idea after years of finding squashed bananas and bruised apples at the bottom of her kids' schoolbags.

Although the products are targeted at three to nine-year-olds, Allen said the pink packs would appeal to slightly older girls. She is developing football-themed packs for older boys.

Each fruit case has an rsp of £3.99, with the majority of profits going to charities.