Sir, The latest report from the World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA) on the 'mega-dairies' debate makes for disturbing reading ('She's out: Meaden backs WSPA in fight against megadairies', 10 September).

Trying to argue that there is only one production system that is sustainable for the future is naïve and shows a lack of comprehension of the UK's dairy market. We mustn't forget that half our market requires a level supply of milk something hard to achieve on a wholly pasture-based system.

It is also disappointing to see one part of the industry, the pasture-based farmers, being drawn into attacking and belittling another, the more intensive dairy farmers, when really the industry should be working together. Not only is such a debate boringly old hat now, but also the arguments being put forward in the report are made without accurate data to back them up and with biased assumptions.

As a result one can only question the credibility of the whole argument being made by WSPA in the document. It is, therefore, somewhat surprising to see that a well-known businesswoman and TV celebrity is prepared to support a document that is so clearly biased and ill thought out. I think a pitch based on this type of business understanding would get pretty short shrift in Dragons' Den.

John Allen, managing partner, Kite Consulting