heinz jigsaw

Source: Heinz

Well red: a Ketchup-loving puzzler finishes the job

Lockdown has reminded us of a few of life’s simpler pleasures: baking, gardening and drinking at lunchtime, for example.

Another good old-fashioned way to keep yourself off the streets is to assemble a jigsaw puzzle. The analogue thrill of completion is real, but as we prepare to enter week 10, they’re starting to get a bit easy. Especially the ones with a picture on the box.

Enter a new jigsaw from the good folk at Heinz. Modelled on its famous Ketchup, it’s… red. And that’s it. The 570-piece thriller should take longer than most to finish! Hit up Heinz’s Instagram if you want one, but be quick! There are only 57 ’varieties’.