Its acquisition of the Minsterley factory last year signalled its intention to go big in desserts, and now Müller is ramping up its presence in the chilled desserts category with an indulgent sub-brand for Corner.

The yoghurt portion of the new Müller de Luxe Corner split pots contains yoghurt made with whipping cream and layered with dark chocolate or fruit, while the ‘corner’ contains dessert-style “malt balls” or “biscuit pearls” covered in chocolate and yoghurt.

The range rolls out to the mults next week, and comes in four variants - Marc de Champagne, Coconut Dream, Crème Praline and After Dinner Mint (rsp: £1.69). Müller will also offer a selection pack containing all four flavours.

Müller de Luxe Corner was being launched in response to increased consumer demand for indulgence in the yoghurt and pot desserts category, said marketing and R&D director Michael Inpong.

“De Luxe Corner will build on the success of the Müller Corner brand by introducing a luxurious edge to capitalise on the treat appeal consumers increasingly crave,” he added.

Last June, Müller bought the Minsterley desserts factory from Greencore for £4.3m in cash plus stock in a bid to extend its presence in pot desserts.

Minsterley already produces Cadbury desserts under licence, and Müller is expected to announce the launch of branded Müller desserts made at Minsterley shortly. However, the new Corner yoghurts will be made at Müller’s main Market Drayton plant.

In an interview with The Grocer last year, Müller UK & Ireland CEO Ronald Kers identified desserts as a key growth opportunity and said he wanted to reposition the Müller portfolio more towards indulgence than health.