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SHAPE yogurts

From: Danone Dairies

Shape has shifted its stance thanks to a £10m marketing spend from new owner Danone. It is now positioned as a health-oriented brand rather than a diet range.

Price: 45p - £1.45

Total score: 39/50

Consumer’s verdict

Francesca sullivan, 20, customer adviser, kent

My partner and I are both on a health kick at the moment, so the products appealled to us, especially as they are low fat or fat-free and therefore useful for those of us on diets.

The packaging was colourful and we liked the photographs of real fruit. It is better than the packaging for a similar product, which has illustrations and is too bland.

We trust the Shape brand to deliver what it promises. Our favourites were the Smooth yogurts, which lived up to their name.

You wouldn't believe they were fat-free. They were thick, creamy and smooth, without being over the top.

The best flavours were apple & cranberry and strawberry. They are good products, and we would be prepared to pay a premium for them.
Score: 20/25

Buyer’s verdict

Ian troup, category manager, distributor/ mace retailer aberness

Shape has always targeted health-conscious women. The new-style packaging is fresh and maintains a constant theme, with the ‘healthy’ message communicated clearly with pictures of fresh fruit, and the current advertising campaign also underpins the products’ repositioning as a healthy option.

This new range would fit into any convenience store range or fixture with the added value cereal-topped variant the only concern. Similar products have not performed well in our stores and this may not perform as well as the other varieties.

The low fat yogurts do not compromise on taste and that certainly surprised me, especially the Greek-style four-packs. I have no doubts the Shape brand will continue to grow and develop.
Score: 19/25