Arla protein


Arla Foods has extended its Arla Protein yoghurt range with two new products sporting a nuts and seeds ‘top hat’.

Arla Protein Snack Pots, a blend of quark and yoghurt, went on sale nationally last week in natural yoghurt with a hint of ginger and natural yoghurt with a hint of vanilla flavours (£1.55/200g).

Each pot provides 20g of protein and features a separate container filled with sunflower seeds and freeze-dried apples, among other ingredients.

The brand, which re-entered the UK yoghurt market last January with the launch of Arla Protein, said the product was aimed at active, health-conscious consumers and could be used post-gym or eaten for breakfast.

“The protein trend is really taking off in the UK - it’s no longer only the serious gym-goer that is looking for more protein in their diet, but it’s now those that are active in different ways - whether that’s playing sports, cycling, swimming or yoga, for example,” said Louise Hagger, brand manager at Arla Foods UK.

“Arla Protein Snack Pots are exactly what the active consumer is looking for - high-protein, great-tasting and in an easy eat on-the-go format.”