Arla Lactofree Dairy drink

A Lactofree TV ad did not mislead consumers, the ASA has ruled

A TV ad for Arla’s Lactofree products did not mislead consumers about its suitability for dairy allergy sufferers, the ASA has ruled.

The ad featured hedgehogs in a supermarket, and a voiceover saying “listen up hedgehogs, you’re not intolerant to dairy; you’re just intolerant to lactose, the sugars in dairy. Remove the lactose and, by jingo, it’s dairy all round.”

A consumer - whose son is allergic to dairy - complained about the ad because a relative bought Lactofree for the child after seeing the ad, wrongly believing it to be suitable for those with dairy allergies. While those with dairy intolerance can consume dairy products that have had lactose removed, dairy allergy sufferers are allergic to proteins and cannot consume dairy of any description.

The complainant argued the ad was misleading and potentially harmful, but the ASA said it featured text making it clear Lactofree was not suitable for dairy allergy sufferers.

A spokeswoman for Arla said: “We are pleased with the outcome and, clearly, we feel it is the right decision.”